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Preventing, Managing Aggression and Violence (PMAV)

Preventing, Managing Aggression and Violence (PMAV)

(Non-Violent Crisis Intervention)

Course outline:

Module 1 - Self-Awareness & Interpersonal Skills

Conflict/Anger & Crisis
Five Phase Response Cycle
Factors Influencing the Body’s Balance
Impact of the Social Environment
Communications Model
Personal Triggers that Affect Your Balance
Collaborative/Competitive to Conflict Management

Module II - Skills for Engaging Individuals in Conflict, Anger and Crisis

Responding to Conflict, Anger & Crisis Situations
Escalation Spiral (group activity)
Advanced Verbal Intervention Skills

Module III - Personal Safety Skills

Self-Protection Theory & Practical Exercise

Module IV - Post Crisis

Post Crisis Reaction & Therapeutic Response
Six Step Debriefing Model